Privacy Policy SabhiJob

We are committed to protect our users’ privacy at have developed this privacy policy page to maintain and preserve the privacy of our visitors. The privacy policy page has also been developed for telling them how we determine, store and identify their personal information. By checking this privacy policy page from time to time, you will be aware of all the changes happening on our website.

It will be very beneficial for you to read all the information about our website because we may change our privacy policy as per time to time upgrade. All the information about our website has been given below :
If any change will be done on our website, it will be notified to our users through notifications.

How do we collect User personal Information?

We may collect information about visitors such as their number of visits, visits on pages and all the links clicked by visitors on our website. We may also collect some standard information such as your browser information, IP address of your system, name of the browser, language which you use, your access time on our website and other referring websites. We may also use customized links or email communications to provide more information about private and government jobs in future.

Sabhijob collects and uses users personal information to provide the best user experience to its visitors. We want to provide hassle free services to our users. These services are developed to provide best customer services to make it easy to use. These services help you to use our information. All these uses are meant to provide you with more effective customer service. Using which you will not need to enter the same information again and again. And these services help you in providing advertisements and content as per your interest.
We make you aware about government jobs and private jobs through emails through our website.

How do we protect user personal information at sabhijob?

As discussed above, We will not use any of your personal information without your consent to any third party. Your personal information is secure at Sabhijob.

Use of Cookies

Basically, Cookies are small files which are used to store the small information of the browser. Sabhijob uses cookies to provide fastest web services. You have a choice to accept or deny cookies. But if you deny cookies then you may not be able use some featured services provided by us. We use cookies to enhance our user experience and also improve the speed of web browser.